Golshan Traditional Hostel in Shiraz

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Shiraz, the city of peace and literature, is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. There are few professional ads on Iran’s tourism that do not include pictures of the amazing tourist attractions in this city. Nasir ol Molk Mosque alone, which is an item in a long list to be checked, is a stunning example of Persian architecture. Visiting this mosque makes your soul float and dance with the colorful lights. It’s a mixed feeling of awe, admiration, peace, nostalgia, etc. It’s simply not easy to put it in words. Here at Golshan Traditional Hostel in Shiraz, aka Golshan Traditional Hotel in Shiraz, we are very fortunate to be right in front of Nasir ol Molk Mosque. And it’s not just the vicinity of this mosque that have made us the most popular hostel in Shiraz.

Golshan Traditional Hostel in Shiraz

Golshan Traditional Hostel and Tourist Attractions in Shiraz

Golshan Traditional Hostel in Shiraz is very conveniently located in the center of the city. The street in which our hostel is located is called Lotf Ali Khan Zand, and it is the most important street in Shiraz. This street has been named after the Persian Shah whose dynasty chose Shiraz as the capital of the great Persian Empire and tried to make the city as magnificent as Safavid’s Isfahan. To tell you the truth, there are several other traditional hotels and hostels in this neighborhood in Shiraz, and they usually get their guests once we’re fully booked. But the reason for the concentration of Shiraz budget hostels and hotels in this neighborhood is that almost all the of the popular tourist attractions in Shiraz are in the center of the city. By staying at our hostel, you can easily walk to all of these tourist spots in Shiraz including Nasir ol Molk Mosque (picture below), Shah Cheragh Shrine, Narenjestan Ghavam, Madreseye Khan, Vakil Mosque, Arg of Karim Khan, etc. To put in a nutshell, there cannot be a hostel in Shiraz with a more convenient location.


Nasir ol Molk Mosque

The Rooms and Services at Golshan Hostel in Shiraz

With its traditionally decorated and really beautiful courtyard, Golshan Hostel in Shiraz caters to a wide range of travelers who visit Shiraz. There are both dormitories and cozy private rooms at our hostel. Our dorms are meant for low-budget travelers such as backpackers, and as to the rooms, they’re of two types; the ones that have private showers and bathrooms inside, and the ones whose bathrooms are commonly used by the guests. Needless to say, all the facilities are as clean as they can get and the rooms rates offered at our hostel in Shiraz include the guests’ both breakfast and Wi-Fi Internet.

Golshan Traditional Hostel in Shiraz

Golshan Traditional Hostel in Shiraz

Golshan Traditional Hotel in Shiraz is a Family Business

Here at Golshan Tranditional Hotel in Shiraz we run the business as a family. Honestly, all the other budget hostels and hotels that in recent years sprang up around us, tried their best to copy our business model. We, The Rostamnejads Family, do not hold any grudge against any of our rivals though, and we kind of feel proud that others look up to us as the pioneers of starting traditional hostels in Shiraz.


Golshan Traditional Hostel in Shiraz

Golshan Hotel in Shiraz Building 2

It should be noted that tourists who book dorm beds or rooms with shared bathrooms are given rooms in Golshan Hotel in Shiraz Building 2 located at a distance of around 200 m from the main building. Just like the main building, it's a relaxing neat historic house, but it lacks the traditional decoration of the main building. You can see its pictures below to get an idea.

Golshan Traditional Hotel in Shiraz

Golshan Traditional Hotel in Shiraz

Golshan Traditional Hotel in Shiraz

Tehran’s Hotels and Hostels

Before you could relish the countless merits of the city of wine and poesy, your first stop in Iran will most probably be the capital, Tehran. Given the long distance between the capital and Shiraz, you will need to stay at least for a night in Tehran’s accommodation facilities. Despite the sheer magnitude of the megacity, making reservations in a hotel in Tehran is quite straightforward and you have literally hundreds of options in Iran’s famous capital. And the great news is that besides hotels you have a plethora of options in Tehran’s traditional guesthouses and youth hostels. Hostels in Tehran are especially popular these days. This popularity is rooted in the establishment of the first and best hostel in Tehran, Seven Hostel. Offering a full package that includes wonderful location, superb amenities, amiable staff and above all an unparalleled international vibe, Seven Hostel in Tehran has all it takes to earn the status of the best budget lodge in the capital. To further facilitate the reservation process, Seven Hostel in Tehran as with any other quality hotel and hostel, offers online booking services all through the year.



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